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What is the Illuminating Engineering Society?
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IES – Rochester, NY Section

Locally, the IES is represented by the Rochester, NY section. The board of directors is comprised of local engineers, manufacturers, designers, electrical distributors and manufacturer’s representatives. They meet once a month with the purpose of creating opportunities for the community at large to learn and understand the latest in lighting and lighting control technology and how to properly apply those technologies.

Those opportunities are focused around lunch time presentations by industry professionals or after-hours educational programs. Past topics have included LED lighting technology, lighting controls, theatrical lighting, OLED technology and Light & Health. Upcoming presentations include an overview of local rebates available for energy efficient lighting use.

Visit to see the latest about the IES Rochester Section and its educational offerings. Also be sure to check out this month’s Technical Corner for a brief overview of Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) provided by the IES Rochester Section.

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